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Website Service


• Website Service • Website Service Policy • Website Hosting • Domain Registration • One Plan • Alternative Plans • Optional Features • Website Updates • Terms of Service •

Website  Service
Website Service Policy
Domain Registration
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One Plan
Alternative Plans
Optional Features
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Serving Orrville Ohio and surrounding communities since 1994!

Below are a few sites created and maintained by Micro Elite Computer Services:

Mohican Reservation

The Great Mohican Indian Powwow

River Room Lounge

Loudonville Canoe Livery

Successful websites require regular work, to update new information, make sure that all the links still work, and keep current with changes in the company and marketing efforts.

Keeping your webpage's "up to date" is important. Micro Elite is there to make sure every aspect of your website is kept running smoothly and efficiently. If you already have a website on-line and would like us to update it for you, or you would like more info about our maintenance packages, please Contact Us.
New Design
New page design and graphics are charged at $60.00 per hour.

Option One
Six-month plan
Six months maintenance assessed at $50.00 per hour assuming one-hour web site maintenance per month. 6 x 50 = $300.00

Option Two
One-year plan
Twelve months maintenance assessed at $40.00 per hour assuming one-hour maintenance per month. 12 x 40 = $480.00

Author Referral Commission Program

The Author Referral Commission Program may be utilized whereby the Client refers our services to another party and if we ultimately establish a contract with that party, we will provide you, the Client, with two months of free web site maintenance service (one hour each month).

Web Site Service Policy:

About Us • Protect Your PC • Service Rates • Website Hosting • eBay Brokerage • Spyware Guide • Free Virus Scan • Virus Info Search • Micro Elite Affiliates • Contact Us


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