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PC-cillin Internet Security 2005

PC-cillin Internet Security

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Benefits Trend Micro Internet Security 2007: Benefits

AntiVirus Security
Detects and removes viruses and the latest threats from your emails, Internet downloads, removable media and PCs. Automatic updates immunize your security system against the newest virus outbreaks.

Spyware Protection
Blocks and removes spyware, adware, grayware, and root kits, a new type of deep-hiding invader.

Personal Firewall
Intercepts hackers and network viruses trying to attack your computer and home network.

Fraud Defense
Protects you from online phishing scams designed to steal credit card and bank account numbers. Configures easily and notifies you of the latest Web-site risk.

Wireless Network Monitoring
Safeguards against unauthorized users invading your wireless home network.

Home Network Control
Manages, configures and updates security for every PC on your network, with an easy-to-use management console.


Bonus Service Trend Micro Internet Security 2007: Bonus Service - TrendSecure!
Trend Micro Internet Security 2007 gives you access to TrendSecure, an online suite of security tools:

bulletTransaction Guard™ protects your online transactions conducted at Internet Cafes or other public wireless hotspots.
bulletRemote File Lock safeguards your private files in case your laptop is lost or stolen.
bulletTrend Micro Mobile Security protects your cell phone against viruses and other threats.





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US - PC-cillin Internet Security 2007

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